The Old Edwardians Association

When were we founded? Following the introduction of an annual dinner for former pupils in 1890, the Association was formed in 1919, and later constituted with a President, Treasurer, Secretary, and governing committee in 1931, since when changes have been made from time to time to update the general administration arrangements.

Why were we founded? The Association exists to foster and maintain the dignity, traditions and well-being of the School, working alongside the Governors, the Head Master and more recently the School Development Office, to ensure its continuing success and prosperity and to establish and maintain contact with Old Edwardians at home and overseas.

Membership of the Old Edwardians Association. All former pupils of the School are automatically elected to become members of the Association when they leave KES and we will be delighted to hear from you whenever you wish to seek information or establish contact with us.

This is in addition to automatically becoming a member of the Edwardian Society for which all contact regarding reunions and other activities will come via the KES Development Office.

What do we do? In the past, contact has been established and maintained with former pupils through the Association’s administration team. However in October 2006, King Edward's set up its own Development Office to continue this work on behalf of the School. The School Development Officer does, however, work in close liaison with the OEA on matters relating to the affairs of the Association.

For many years, the focal point of OEA activities (organised with the help of the Association) was the sports sections but in recent years, with many more members moving permanently away from the Southampton area, these have fallen away through lack of support. Nowadays, only the golf section remains active. The principal Association social activity used to be the Annual Reunion Dinner but this has been discontinued as a result of limited demand.

Today the School continues to organise regular and well attended reunions, in particular an annual 10 year reunion, reunions for those Edwardians at university and the Former Heads of School and Deputies Dinners amongst others. The School also supports the Old Edwardians’ Association with its social functions, for example, the Past Presidents’ Reunion and the annual Poole Veterans’ Luncheon. 

The Development Office maintains and updates the database with all past pupils contact details. If you have any changes of contact details please send these to the KES Development Office or email edwardians@kes.hants.sch.uk.

The School alumni magazine, ‘The Edwardian’, is circulated bi-annually and includes news or inserts from the OEA.

Members can contact the Old Edwardian Association in the following ways.

Old Edwardian Association Contacts

President: Professor G. John A Rogers

Hon Secretary: John Mist Tel: 023 80 583450 Email: john@goodhap.co.uk

School Development Officer: Suzanne Hooper Tel: 023 80 704561 Email: edwardians@kes.hants.sch.uk

Old Edwardians’ Association
c/o King Edward VI School
Wilton Road, Southampton
SO15 5UQ


1969 OEA President Alan Gosling in the Commemoration Room with Hubert Cosgrove, Tony Rowthorn, John Beven and Dr Stroud (Head Master)