News snippets


Samara Jones (KES 2009-2016) won the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Student Life’ award at the University of York’s Love York Awards ceremony in the summer. This award is the biggest award bestowed by the university each year and recognises a students who has made a positive contribution to university life across their time at York so far.

Luke Roberts (KES 2009-2016) was accepted for a young alpinist scholarship in Chamonix last year and attended a 4 day training course. He also raced in the ITU International Triathlon Champs in Denmark achieving a podium finish. He is currently studying Geophysics at the most northerly teaching institute in the world – Svalbard and is working in his thesis on ‘Arctic Fjord water mass exchange driven by ice and brine production’.

Josh Blunsden (KES 2007-2014) graduated from the University of Oxford (Corpus Christi College) with a 2:1 Master of Chemistry (Honours) degree this summer. He was awarded a Departmental Thesis Prize for his Master’s thesis on the effects of weak magnetic fields on radical pair reactions in the context of magnetocarcinogenesis and avian magnetoreception. He will now study for a combined MRes+PhD as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Controlled Quantum Dynamics at Imperial College.

Ellie Steel (2003-2010) has won gold at the Western European Powerlifting Championships in Norway. She lifted a total weight of 523.5 kilograms at 56.93kg bodyweight. She squatted 207.5kg, bench pressed a European record 141kg and deadlifted 175kg, making her the best overall lifter in the competition. She also achieved over 600 Wilks points, The Wilks Formula being used to measure the strength of one powerlifter against another despite the different weights of the lifters.

Rob Ward (KES 1982-1991) recently concluded a 19-year career as a Managing Director at Accenture, one of the world's largest and most successful consulting and technology firms, during which time he has worked with many of the world's leading companies - from Microsoft to BP, Vodafone to Lloyds Bank. He has now set up his own business called Brighter Escapes, a company organising tailor-made holidays for individuals, families and corporate clients. www.brighterescapes.com