News snippets

Arev Melikyan (KES 2013-2020) has won the Salter’s-Nuffield 2020 Advanced Biology A Level award. He will receive a cash prize of £200 and be invited to receive his award virtually at the Salters’ Institute Annual Awards ceremony. 

Sam Thompson, Paddy Keith and Henry Gwilliam (KES 2013-2020) and their band Donny Brook released their first single, ‘She Knows’ on Spotify in June! 

Ameena Hamid (KES 2011-2018) is currently studying at LSE. Alongside her degree she is running a theatrical production company and is looking to raise investment for a couple of end-of-year projects for which she will be the Associate Producer. One of these will make her the joint youngest producer on the West End and the youngest woman by ten years, while the other is a touring production starting at Sheffield Crucible. 

Romily Clark (KES 2010-2017) graduated from UCL this summer with a first-class degree having been awarded a prize in the first year. She will now proceed to Oxbridge to complete a Master’s degree. 

Jordan Florit (KES 2005-2012) has just had his first book published called Red Wine & Arepas: How Football is Becoming Venezuela’s Religion. Part travelogue, part sports book, part love letter to an embattled nation, his book brings modern Venezuela to life through events on and off its football pitches. His motivation for this project is a belief that a country, society, or culture should not be so narrowly defined to the point at which there is just one prevailing narrative. In October 2019, Jordan travelled alone to Venezuela in the middle of political and economic crisis and toured the country with his GCSE Spanish. He believes that football is a great way of understanding a country’s characteristics, sociopolitical makeup, and psyche and can give valuable insight into different aspects of its social fabric and help explain its unique idiosyncrasies.

Lionel Coates (KES 1959-1967) was due to have an exhibition of his work at County Clare Museum in June but sadly this has been delayed. However, he has a new website that showcases his artwork. www.lionelcoates.com 

Edd Clay (KES 2002-2009) is a Television Producer and has been working in the broadcast industry since 2012. He has worked on shows such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, ‘Sport Relief’, ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Flirty Dancing’, having started on ‘The Voice UK’ whilst it was at the BBC. Earlier this year he faced the challenge of working on ‘The Big Night In’ combining the need to work remotely with live TV! 

Daniel Sawyer (KES 2000-2007) has just published his first book, Reading English Verse in Manuscript, c.1350–c.1500, with Oxford University. He is also a contributor to Book Parts, also from OUP. 

Hugo Lewkowicz (KES 2002-2007) is currently working for a PhD in Public Health - modelling the spread of diseases in close contact environments. In summer he took part in a public engagement programme working with schools to get the pupils in contact with scientists. 

Michael Lewis (KES 1964-1971) is now an Archbishop by virtue of being Primate of the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East since November 2019. His diocese remains Cyprus and the Gulf - from Iraq to the Yemen and from Cyprus to Oman but he now also has responsibilities in the countries of the Levant - Israel/ Palestine, Syria, the Lebanon, Iran and Jordan. 15 

Patrick Kendrick (KES 1997-2004) is a freelance EU-accredited conference interpreter and broadcast journalist based in Milan, Italy, specialising in football interpreting. He resumed freelancing in 2019 after 18 months as International Editor for Inter Milan’s club channel Inter TV. He is currently covering Serie A and the Coppa Italia international feeds for Infront Sports and international matches in London, and has recently been doing some work with BT Sport. www.patrickkendrick.com 

Derek Collinson (KES 1944-1951) is trying to trace his old school friend Geoffrey Jackson. Geoffrey was last known to be living in the south of France. If you have any knowledge of Geoffrey’s whereabouts, please contact the Development Office on edwardians@kes.hants.sch.uk 

Chris Baglee (KES 1959-1966) is now freelancing as a Conservation and Inspecting Architect for 20 churches in Northumberland and for a number of bastles and castles in the National Park. He has also been appointed a trustee of the Friends of the Union Chain Bridge on the River Tweed, which is the world’s oldest suspension bridge still carrying vehicular traffic. R

Roger Helmer (KES 1955-1962) has recently (as a pastime during lockdown) started recording short poems and posting them on YouTube. He recently got his first request (for a Larkin poem) that was actually from a former pupil of KES Master Ken Pike. 

Bijia Wu (KES 2008-2015) is now a semi-professional alto and part of VERSA, an all female contemporary a cappella group based in London. They will be performing alongside top international artists Take6 and The London Adventist Chorale on 13th December as part of the ‘Live from London’ Christmas Festival 2020. www.versaacappella.com